Pepe Gem Ring
(Rose Gold)

A new take on a classic Lucy Folk piece, the Pepe Gem Ring features a quintet of precious & semi-precious gemstones, in a vast tonal range between sweet pink & deep burgundy.

- Handmade in 9kt Rose Gold.

- Features 1 Cognac Diamond (0.03ct), 1 Blue Ceylon (0.03ct), 1 Pink Sapphire (0.03ct), 1 Yellow Sapphire (0.03ct) & 1 Ruby (0.03ct). All Stones Round Cut.

- Handmade in the Lucy Folk Studio, Melbourne, Australia.

We take great care to ensure each piece is of the highest craftsmanship, a process that usually takes 2 or 3 weeks. If you need this piece sooner, please email us here.

$1,000.00 AUD



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